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Vehicle Loading Crane


Operate a vehicle loading crane.


This unit covers the operation of a vehicle loading crane in the resources and infrastructure industries. It includes planning and preparing for crane operations, operating and maintaining the crane, carrying out operator maintenance and cleaning up.

Note: If the vehicle loading crane has a lifting capacity of 10 metre tonne or more, you must hold a valid National High Risk Work TLILIC0002 - Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane.

Course Delivery

A learner guide and review questions will be provided to the student prior to course commencement. To fulfil the training requirements for this course, the student must read through this, complete the review questions and bring both with them on the day.

The course consists of face-to-face theory, and practical training.

Training can be completed in one of two ways:

Option 1. Full Course - includes theory and practical training and assessment for up to 3 days depending on experience (if the student can produce sufficient evidence of previous experience the time frame of this course can be reduced to 1 day).

Option 2. After 1 day of formal training the student is put on a logbook to gain 40 hours of practical work experience. When the Student is ready, they may then undertake their 1 day of assessment.

Assessment is conducted through a combination of practical demonstration and verbal or written questioning.

Course Content

  • Relevant Australian Standards, Legislation and Regulations

  • WHS policy

  • Codes of Practice

  • Manufacturers specifications and instructions

  • Hazard Identification and hazard prevention

  • Plan work

  • Conduct routine checks

  • Set up crane

  • Transfer Loads

  • Shut down and secure crane

Course Requirements

Students will need to wear appropriate clothing including a long sleeve hi-visibility shirt (or long sleeve with a hi-visibility vest), long pants and enclosed shoes or boots, as well as meet all pre-requisites listed.

Course Fees

All enrolments are considered tentative until payment of the deposit is received.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment in RIIHAN307E - Operate a vehicle loading crane.

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